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The really short version.
Tari rocks.

The slightly less short version.
Tari is in her 30s, writes bluesy folk-rock, and plays music sometimes in between other things. Some of those other things include various kinds of activism, spiritual work, and a day job.

The longer version.
Tari Follett is a classically trained vocalist, a self-taught guitarist, and a natural songwriter. She was born in rural Florida, grew up in rural Michigan, rural Iowa, rural Nebraska, and rural Wyoming....and bolted for the city practically the moment she turned eighteen. Hopping around from a brief stint in Pittsburgh to a few years in Atlanta, she settled in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day in 2001. While living the dream there (i.e. pushing paper for a top reinsurance brokerage), she played both alone and with various other players in venues like Gunther Murphy's, Heartland Cafe, Subterranean, The Note, HotHouse, and the Beat Kitchen. She played for fancy underground supper clubs, empty cafes on the South Side, fundraisers and benefits, and just about everything in between. Once she even got to write a song with Shakespeare (okay, not exactly with)!

In 2012, Tari took a hiatus from performance, picked up her life, and moved back to the Michigan hinterlands. Living on the other side of the lake from Chicago, she's changed careers, bought a car, and continued churning out happy songs that bring a tear to the eye, and sad songs that leave you feeling hopeful. It's a thing.

When not writing music or dazzling audiences with her traffic-stopping voice, Tari practices Reclaiming, yoga, and Qi Gong; works on growing her own food and reducing her environmental impact; rages against the machine in various ways; and spends days kicking ass for a unique and awesome virtual assistant company.

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